With the market slowing in the Austin area this year, there may never be a better time to think about trading up or down to your next home.  The HBH Group wants to make this as easy and hassle free for you our clients as we can.  We hereby announce our trade-up or down program for 2008, effective immediately.  Here is how this program works:

  1. List and sell your current home with The HBH Group at our standard listing rates.
  2. Purchase your next home through The HBH Group within 180 days of closing your first home.
  3. Receive a 1% rebate of sales price on the lesser of the two transactions to be paid as a credit to you on the purchase transaction.  You may use this credit to pay closing costs or in any other manner other than cash to you at closing which is prohibited by law.

Need more space, more storage, more yard?  All these are good reasons to step toward your next home and with inventories of homes increasing, the prices are coming down and sellers are more willing to deal, making this a great time to look for your next home.  We trust this new program will assist you in making the move if this is the right time for you!

Save Thousands to Trade-up or Down 

(This may not be combined with any other offer).